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Par Jean-Pierre ESSO   

sama ndango
Sama Ndango, a Live Show Host, Presenter, Celebrity Life Coach and Marketing Consultant was the co-host of Miss Cameroon-UK 2011 in London. He tells to how everything went down that saturday night... - Monday, 28th November 2011

Sama Ndango, you hosted the Miss Cameroon Uk 2011 with Jordinne Bartlett: how was it like on stage for both of you?
It was a really exciting. We did as much as we could to entertain the crowd, while giving them valuable information about the pageant. We created a connection with the crowd..while I acted a lot with my funny moves, Jordine impressed with her female charisma and I think we presented well as a team. In all, I really enjoyed the show.
Hosting Miss Cameroon UK... (video)
Lizette won the title: was she your favorite contestant for the crown?
First of all, all the girls were great and I guess, that is why it was difficult for the judges to come up with a winner. But I also believe Lizette deserved she spoke very well and had an overall better charisma (body Language), which plays a very big role (as I have become aware of through my years of experience in the industry).
Any funny little story from backstage you want to share with us?
This is an interesting there are always funny and fluffy things that take place backstage! First of all, the girls were very very very nervous, just before going on stage, sometimes really shaking (shhh), don't laugh at them!
Jordine Bartlett and Sama Ndango on stage, saturday, at Porchester Hall, Bayswater, London.
And also, Jordine and I almost fell down while practising some moves before coming on stage. Also, some of the girls did not want to come up when called up to. And lastly, it was always like, "hey..come now, its your turn" and you know, "black timing", (laughs).
Overall, it was an Godly experience.
by Jean-Pierre ESSO, in London
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Jean-Pierre ESSO
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